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Western Virginia Divorce Proceedings

Western Virginia Divorce Proceedings

Information on divorce or separation in western Virginia. You’ll find more details about divorce proceedings, like the dangers of using your kids away from state while a breakup is pending, on our basic divorce or separation page. To view brief videos about divorce or separation in Spanish with English sub-titles, head to our Videos web web web page. Finally, find out more about the court procedure on our get yourself ready for Court – By your self web web page.

Which are the residency demands to apply for divorce proceedings in western Virginia?

In the event that you had been hitched in West Virginia, a western Virginia court can hear your divorce process in the event that you or your partner is currently a resident of western Virginia.

In the event that you or your spouse has been a resident of the state for at least one year before the start of the instance if you were hitched outside of western Virginia, a West Virginia court can hear your breakup situation. 1

1 W. Va. Code § 48-5-105

Which are the grounds for divorce proceedings in western Virginia?

Grounds are lawfully reasons that are acceptable breakup. In western Virginia, you may get a no-fault breakup or a fault-based divorce proceedings.

A no-fault divorce or separation occurs when you apply for breakup without stating that your partner is in charge of the final end regarding the marriage because:

  • You allege that we now have irreconcilable distinctions; 1 or
  • Both you and your partner have actually resided split and aside in numerous houses without acting as a married few (cohabitating) for a minumum of one year that is continuous. 2

“Irreconcilable differences” mean that there’s no hope you along with your partner will have the ability to truly save the wedding. Continue reading

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