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PARENTING C RDINATION issues – benefits and drawbacks Parenting C rdination is just a idea that is bad.

PARENTING C RDINATION issues – benefits and drawbacks Parenting C rdination is just a idea that is bad.

Let us start with the issues with parenting c rdination that each and every attorney understands inappropriate delegation of this function that is judicial impediment to court access, and denial of due procedure. And go on.

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The parenting c rdinator concept encroaches on family freedom interests, bringing the us government behind the closed d rways of men and women’s lives, inserting in to the private world a third party that is perhaps not in any way more capable than either of this moms and dads are in order to make day-to-day decisions about their loved ones, values, and objectives.

Parenting c rdination is just a made-up, make-work industry which has been invented by bottom-feeding”professionals that are extraneous that have literally reproduced like germs in the family members court system.

There are not any studies showing that parenting c rdinators make g d choices, improve the everyday lives of kids or moms and dads, or improve child wellbeing. And, there isn’t any g d reason to believe they’d.

What qualifies an individual to create individual household and childrearing decisions for any other individuals — what physician a child is going to, what college, other academic choices, just what extracurricular tasks a child should be involved in, household routines and scheduling decisions, sitting decisions at the club mitzvah or soccer game, and so on? Just What qualifies a person unilaterally to interpret a court purchase, or “fill into the gaps” in the information on a legal document, a “parenting plan” (a breach of freedom of agreement)? Exactly What qualifies an individual to do “parenting c rdination” to “help other persons implement” an appropriate agreement (marital settlement agreement), being a supposed basic?

Just What constitutes “success” at parenting c rdination? Continue reading

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